J&N Ranch: Black Hereford Heritage

Situated in Leavenworth, Kansas, along Kansas Highway 5 (Wolcott Road) south of Lansing, J&N Ranch has 2 ½ miles of frontage on the river and produces corn, soybeans and hay.

J&N Ranch sign

As the birthplace of Black Herefords, J&N Ranch is home to the Hoagland family’s cattle seed stock business. Joe and Norma began raising registered cattle in 1978 and have produced Hereford, Angus and Black Herefords.

Since 1992, J&N Ranch has held a sale each year and today hosts two production sales per year. Females, selected bulls, and horses sell the fourth Saturday in October and bulls sell the second Saturday in February of each year. CLICK HERE for information about our bi-annual production sales.

In addition to being the birthplace of the Black Hereford cattle breed, J&N Ranch served as the headquarters for the American Black Hereford Association until 2011 when it moved to an independent location in Kansas City, Missouri. Today, there are Black Hereford breeders in most states, Canada and Australia. There are three associations registering Black Hereford cattle and all of them trace their origins back to J&N Ranch.

As Seen on TV

That's My Farm, a cable television show recently featured our ranch and black Hereford cattle. CLICK HERE to watch the video and learn more about J&N Ranch.

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